Superior Help Desk Support


Unlimited help desk and responsive customer support

Anyone who has ever experienced any kind of problem with computer hardware or software knows firsthand that no customer service message board or FAQ can ever take the place of a knowledgeable and patient support staff, on the phone when you need them, walking you through the steps to recovery.

Here IEP Direct excels as well. That's because IEP Direct includes UNLIMITED Help Desk support at NO extra charge. What's more, our Help Desk is “more helpful” than others you may have encountered elsewhere.

Our Help Desk staff knows Connecticut Special Education as well as IEP Direct.  The professionals who answer calls at our Help Desk are not only technical experts on IEP Direct, but they also have knowledge of Special Education. This experience helps ensure that they respond to your staff's questions with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Centris Group logs and follows up on all support calls to make sure that any problems are resolved in a timely manner – and to identify any further training needs.

This superior Help Desk support is a major contributor to our industry-leading 100% customer satisfaction rating.